How AI and ML Impact CRO With Amrdeep Athwal

March 15, 2022 Episode 56
How AI and ML Impact CRO With Amrdeep Athwal
Show Notes

Amrdeep Athwal is the founder of Conversions Matter and started doing data-driven optimization 15 years ago. In today’s episode, we will tell you all you need to know about AI in CRO.

Amrdeep also answered questions from the community: 

  • Charles Meaden: How do you spot when the algorithm gets it wrong?
  • Alun Lucas: How do you think AI can be used to help optimise the performance of online forms?
  • Nneka Otika: What path can someone take to break into CRO? It seems like a close-knit industry. What transferable skill does someone need to work in CRO? - I know AI and machine learning crunch data which is useful in CRO. Will their application in the industry increase in coming years? If yes, in what ways?
  • Shiva Manjunath: How important is localization to your optimization program? What are some things to avoid while localizing your test results?

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